Might be important: “a fatal flaw”

D'Auria v Kent, 2011 NY Slip Op 00138 (App. Div., 3rd 2011)

As to the elbow injury, however, Benton merely opined in a single paragraph that plaintiff's diagnosis was "a subjective complaint and there are no objective findings to support the same." As plaintiff argues, Benton thus wholly failed to consider or address an MRI study obtained approximately one year prior to his medical record review. Further, it appears from the face of the affirmed MRI report that the results of this objective test may support the findings of plaintiff's treating physician and the report of another medical examiner upon which plaintiff relies, both of whom attributed her disability, to some unspecified degree, to the elbow injury and resulting limitation of use and function of her left arm and elbow. This failure thus presented a fatal flaw in defendants' motions; it is simply not possible to determine, as a matter of law upon the record presented, to what extent plaintiff's alleged disability related to the elbow injury, as opposed to the claimed back and spine injuries, nor whether the limitations arising from the elbow injury were more than "minor, mild or slight" (Parks v Miclette, 41 AD3d 1107, 1109-[*3]1111 [2007] [internal quotation marks and citations omitted])[FN4]. Therefore, finding that defendants failed to meet their burden of demonstrating a right to judgment in their favor as a matter of law, we reverse the order granting defendants' motions dismissing the complaints.

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