An unpleaded defense: CPLR § 3018

CPLR § 3018

Sullivan v American Airlines, Inc., 2011 NY Slip Op 00215 (App. Div., 2nd 2011)

The defendants did not waive their contention that the plaintiffs relinquished all claims regarding the statements in the final advisories because they accepted reinstatement. Although the defendants failed to plead as an affirmative defense that the plaintiffs relinquished their claims (see CPLR 3018[b]), an unpleaded defense may serve as the basis for granting summary judgment in the absence of surprise or prejudice to the opposing party (see Lerwick v Kelsey, 24 AD3d 918, 919; Sheils v County of Fulton, 14 AD3d 919, 921; Allen v Matthews, 266 AD2d 782; Rogoff v San Juan Racing Assn., 77 AD2d 831, 832, affd 54 NY2d 883).

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