Notice of appearance and personal jurisdiction

Deutsche Bank Natl. Trust Co. v Vu, 2018 NY Slip Op 08629 [2d Dept. 2018]

“The filing of a notice of appearance in an action by a party’s counsel serves as a waiver of any objection to personal jurisdiction in the absence of either the service of an answer which raises a jurisdictional objection, or a motion to dismiss pursuant to CPLR 3211(a)(8) for lack of personal jurisdiction” (U.S. Bank N.A. v Pepe, 161 AD3d 811, 812; see Wilmington Sav. Fund Socy. FSB v Zimmerman, 157 AD3d 846, 847; American Home Mtge. Servicing, Inc. v Arklis, 150 AD3d 1180, 1181-1182; Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, LP v Albert, 78 AD3d 983, 984). Here, in November 2014, the defendant’s attorney appeared in the action on her behalf by filing a notice of appearance dated October 31, 2014, and did not move to dismiss the complaint on the ground of lack of personal jurisdiction at that time, or assert lack of personal jurisdiction in a responsive pleading (see American Home Mtge. Servicing, Inc. v Arklis, 150 AD3d at 1181-1182). The defendant did not move to dismiss the complaint until September 2015, 10 months after filing a notice of appearance. Under those circumstances, the defendant waived any claim that the Supreme Court lacked personal jurisdiction over her in this action (see U.S. Bank N.A. v Pepe, 161 AD3d at 813; Wilmington Sav. Fund Socy., FSB v Zimmerman, 157 AD3d at 846-847).

Although the plaintiff raises this issue for the first time on appeal, it involves a question of law that appears on the face of the record, and could not have been avoided if brought to the attention of the Supreme Court (see U.S. Bank N.A. v Bassett, 137 AD3d 1109, 1110; Guy v Hatsis, 107 AD3d 671, 671-672). Accordingly, we reach the issue and determine that the defendant was not entitled to dismissal of the complaint insofar as asserted against her for lack of personal jurisdiction.

Bold is mine.

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