5015 “potentially meritorious”

Mid-Hudson Props., Inc. v Klein, 2018 NY Slip Op 08638 [2 Dept. 2018]

Although it was not necessary for Varble to establish the validity of his defense as a matter of law in order to obtain vacatur of his default (see Marinoff v Natty Realty Corp., 17 AD3d 412), he satisfied his burden of demonstrating a potentially meritorious defense based upon the absence of a personal guaranty (see Brown Bark II, L.P. v Weiss & Mahoney, Inc., 90 AD3d 963) as well as the dissolution of KVG, P.C., by operation of law upon Greco leaving the firm, and later being disbarred in March 2016 (see Partnership Law §§ 60, 62[3]; Magee v Magee, 120 AD3d 637Mashihi v 166-25 Hillside Partners, 51 AD3d 738).

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