There can be only one

As some of you know, I used to author the No-Fault Paradise blog.  As in, no longer.  Lucky for those who read it on a regular basis, the new author will provide a substantial improvement.  Where I would copy and paste and post charts of ridicule, Mr. Barshay will provide insight.

Put another way, you would have to be a complete moron not to check the blog daily.  To be clear, if you are a borderline moron, reading this will make you less so.  It won't change your nature, however.  After reading for a year, you won't wake up one day and head to court to find that people don't want to dropkick your face.  The blog won't change that.  You'll just be a little less stupid.  And good for you, trying to improve.  Your mom will be so proud.  She'll still hate you, but she will be proud.  Just like she was proud of the dog when he finally became potty trained.

Where was I?

In all seriousness, you should read it.  It's a tremendous resource that I use daily.  Barshay's commentary will make it moreso.  Make no mistake.  It's his blog now.   And it can only improve.

Hopefully he can get someone to properly tag the posts.  I've always wanted to, but never found the time.

Best of luck.



One thought on “There can be only one”

  1. Moron, stupid, dropkick and potty trained in one post. That’s why I read your blogs, Dave.
    We’re sorry to see you leave NFP, but interested to hear the Barsh’s new voice over there. I hope he carries the torch forward. I stopped posting about most lower court no-fault decisions over at Coverage Counsel because you, and JT, and Rogak were doing such a fine job.
    Your charts of ridicule are always welcome here.


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