My head is killing me

I spent most all of yesterday trying to sell old baby stuff and books.2 I mostly wanted to unload the books.  Over the years I've accumulated a bunch, and, after going through them I found a few that I had no intention of reading again.   12

I was very surpised to sell three Kant1 books and a book on formal logic.  The popular stuff didn't really move.  The classics didn't move either.  Neither did my dog.

Is it possible to read a transcript of your trial and not think yourself to be a complete idiot.  Compared to this guy, I'm a child with a microphone.  My cases are important to me, and, obviously, my clients, but nobody will go to jail and nobody, except in rare circumstances ,will be out milllions of dollars.

And, for extra context, while I'm writing, I'm watching a documentary on Sarajevo (free on hulu).  Not exactly about Sarajevo; about a war photographer in Sarajevo.

Getting back to the point, transcripts are embarassing.  But, they give you a chance to learn; to really understand your mistake; to mull them over; to think about them non-stop until you manage to snap yourself out of it.

All that aside, reading other people's transcripts is a great way to learn.  If I can find a transcript, especially one related to my area of law, or from a solid trial attorney, I read it.

For those of you who follow my "what I'm reading" posts, I've put everything aside and I'm reading Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson.

Did you know that your brain is sabotaging you?  I'll bet you didn't.  Is your writing sabotaging you?  Just get weird with it.  But don't get too weird.  Sentences would look strange without two spaces after a period.  I like the extra space.  It's comforting.

Can someone please find an episode of House where someone doesn't get intubated.  Everybody gets intubated.  It's worthy of a dissertation.  Can't someone just have a foot fungus.  One that doesn't cause the lungs to fail.

I've been seriously toying with the idea of quitting blogging altogether.  I hear it's a waste of time.  But what's the alternative.  As much as I dislike writing, I have no other outlet.  Nobody would watch a video of me talking unless I fell down a ditch midway.  Even then, everyone would skip to the part where I fall on my face.

Maybe I'll just open up a used book store.  A really big one.  Like the Strand.  But bigger.

I wish this headache would go away.



1.  I read them in undergrad.  I still don't understand.

2.  Read this post on books.

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