Res judicata requires a determination on the merits

1155 Nobo Assoc., LLC v New York Hosp. Med. Ctr. of Queens, 2020 NY Slip Op 02074 [2d Dept. 2020]

“Under the doctrine of res judicata, a final adjudication of a claim on the merits precludes relitigation of that claim and all claims arising out of the same transaction or series of transactions by a party or those in privity with a party” (Djoganopoulos v Polkes, 67 AD3d 726, 727; see Gramatan Home Invs. Corp. v Lopez, 46 NY2d 481, 485; Winkler v Weiss, 294 AD2d 428). “Where a dismissal does not involve a determination on the merits, the doctrine of res judicata does not apply” (Djoganopoulos v Polkes, 67 AD3d at 727; see Maitland v Trojan Elec. & Mach. Co.[*2]65 NY2d 614; Sclafani v Story Book Homes, 294 AD2d 559, 559-560). Here, there was no determination on the merits of the plaintiff’s claims for rent arrears or additional holdover damages in the District Court proceeding and, therefore, the doctrine of res judicata does not apply.

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