Insurer related delay

Bank of N.Y. Mellon v Van Roten, 2020 NY Slip Op 01471 [2d Dept. 2020]

“To extend the time to answer the complaint and to compel the plaintiff to accept an untimely answer as timely, a defendant must provide a reasonable excuse for the delay and demonstrate a potentially meritorious defense to the action” (Bank of N.Y. Mellon v Tedesco, 174 AD3d 490, 491; see Aurora Loan Servs., LLC v Movtady, 165 AD3d 1025, 1027). Here, the defendant’s allegations of an insurer-related delay, without more, were insufficient to establish a reasonable excuse for his default (see Hamilton v Adriatic Dev. Corp., 150 AD3d 835, 836; Blythe v BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc., 123 AD3d 1073, 1073; Gartner v Unified Windows, Doors & Siding, Inc., 71 AD3d 631, 632). Accordingly, we need not address whether he has a potentially meritorious defense to the action (see New Century Mtge. Corp. v Corriette, 117 AD3d 1011).

” On a motion for leave to enter a default judgment against a defendant based on the failure to answer or appear, a plaintiff must submit proof of service of the summons and complaint, proof of the facts constituting the cause of action, and proof of the defendant’s default”‘ (U.S. Bank N.A. v Gilchrist, 172 AD3d 1425, 1427, quoting L & Z Masonry Corp. v Mose, 167 AD3d 728, 729; see CPLR 3215[f]). “Given that in default proceedings the defendant has failed to appear and the plaintiff does not have the benefit of discovery,” the plaintiff’s proof “need only allege enough facts to enable a court to determine that a viable cause of action exists” (Woodson v Mendon Leasing Corp., 100 NY2d 62, 70-71; see L & Z Masonry Corp. v Mose, 167 AD3d at 729).

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