Intervention (CPLR 1012 and 1013)

Town of Warwick v Black Bear Campgrounds, 168 AD3d 1020 [2d Dept. 2019]

Intervention pursuant to either CPLR 1012 or 1013 requires a timely motion (see CPLR 1012, 1013; Castle Peak 2012-1 Loan Trust v Sattar, 140 AD3d 1107, 1108 [2016]; U.S. Bank N.A. v Bisono, 98 AD3d 608, 609 [2012]). Under the circumstances presented here, we agree with the Supreme Court’s determination to deny, as untimely, the proposed intervenors’ motion for leave to intervene (see Matter of Rutherford Chems., LLC v Assessor of Town of Woodbury, 115 AD3d 960, 961 [2014]; Matter of Arcelormittal Lackawanna LLC v City of Lackawanna, 66 AD3d 1365, 1365-1366 [2009]; Rectory Realty Assoc. v Town of Southampton, 151 AD2d 737, 737-738 [1989]).

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