“Manifest disregard of the law”

Matter of Reljic v Tullett Prebon Fin. Servs., LLC, 2019 NY Slip Op 01182 [1st Dept. 2019]

In holding petitioners jointly and severally liable for compensatory damages, plus attorneys’ fees and costs, the arbitrators did not act in manifest disregard of the law (see Matter of Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. v Chesley, 7 AD3d 368, 372 [1st Dept 2004]; Duferco Intl. Steel Trading v T. Klaveness Shipping A/S, 333 F3d 383, 385 [2d Cir 2003] [“to vacate an arbitral award on the grounds of manifest disregard of the law … we must be persuaded that the arbitrators understood but chose to disregard a clearly defined law or legal principle”]).

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