Referree’s report

Pathak v Shukla, 2018 NY Slip Op 05776 [2d Dept 2018]

" The report of a Referee should be confirmed whenever the findings are substantially supported by the record, and the Referee has clearly defined the issues and resolved matters of credibility'" (Capili v Ilagan, 26 AD3d 354, 354, quoting Stone v Stone, 229 AD2d 388, 388; see Pittoni v Boland, 278 AD2d 396; Slater v Links at N. Hills, 262 AD2d 299). Here, the referee's determination that the defendant willfully failed to comply with the terms of the stipulation and judgment of divorce was substantially supported by the record. In addition, the record also supported the referee's determination that the plaintiff was entitled to an additional award of attorney's fees and transcription costs from the defendant. Accordingly, we agree with the Supreme Court's determination to confirm the referee's report and to hold the defendant in contempt.

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