CPLR 2001, the fixer

Lipinsky v Yarusso, 2018 NY Slip Op 05925 [2d Dept 2018]

 Contrary to the defendant's contention, Walters' affidavit was admissible, notwithstanding that it was subscribed and sworn to out of state and not accompanied by a certificate of conformity as required by CPLR 2309(c), as such a defect is not fatal, and no substantial right of the defendant was prejudiced by disregarding the defect (see CPLR 2001; Voskoboinyk v Trebisovsky, 154 AD3d 997, 998; Bank of N.Y. Mellon v Vytalingam, 144 AD3d 1070, 1071). The defendant's contention that Walters' affidavit should not be considered because Walters had not previously been disclosed as a witness, raised for the first time on appeal, is not properly before this Court (see Warren v Carreras, 133 AD3d 592, 594).

Why bother having a rule (2309(c)), if it does not matter if it is followed?

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