Personal Jurisdiction

Matter of Wilson v Brown, 2018 NY Slip Op 04743 [2d Dept 2018]

"An appearance by a defendant in an action is deemed to be the equivalent of personal service of a summons upon him [or her], and therefore confers personal jurisdiction over him [or her], unless he [or she] asserts an objection to jurisdiction either by way of motion or in his [or her] answer" (Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, LP v Albert, 78 AD3d 983, 984 [internal quotation marks omitted]; see National Loan Invs., L.P. v Piscitello, 21 AD3d 537, 537-538). " By statute, a party may appear in an action by attorney (CPLR 321), and such an appearance constitutes an appearance by the party for purposes of conferring jurisdiction'" (National Loan Invs., L.P. v Piscitello, 21 AD3d at 537-538, quoting Skyline Agency v Coppotelli, Inc., 117 AD2d 135, 140). Here, by actively participating in the proceedings through her counsel, the mother waived any claim that the Family Court did not acquire personal jurisdiction over her (see Matter of Tylan C. [Patricia H.], 140 AD3d 1161, 1162; Matter of El-Sheemy v El-Sheemy, 35 AD3d 738, 739; Matter of Borggreen v Borggreen, 13 AD3d 756, 757; Matter of Fallon v Fallon, 4 AD3d 426, 427; Matter of Brozzo v Brozzo, 192 AD2d 878, 880).

The bold is mine.

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