Preliminary injunction

Chana v Machon Chana Women's Inst., Inc., 2018 NY Slip Op 03961 [2d Dept. 2018]

To obtain a preliminary injunction, a movant must demonstrate (1) a likelihood of success on the merits, (2) irreparable injury absent a preliminary injunction, and (3) a balancing of the equities in the movant's favor (see CPLR 6301; XXXX, L.P. v 363 Prospect Place, LLC, 153 AD3d 588, 591). A court evaluating a motion for a preliminary injunction must be mindful that the purpose of a preliminary injunction is to maintain the status quo and not to determine the ultimate rights of the parties (see Masjid Usman, Inc. v Beech 140, LLC, 68 AD3d 942, 942; Ying Fung Moy v Hohi Umeki, 10 AD3d 604, 605; see also S.P.Q.R. Co., Inc. v United Rockland Stairs, Inc., 57 AD3d 642, 642).

Emphasis is mine.


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