in pari delicious

Matter of Wimbledon Fin. Master Fund, Ltd. v Wimbledon Fund, SPC, 2018 NY Slip Op 04075 [1st Dept. 2018]

On appeal, Class C now argues that petitioner's claims are barred by the doctrine of in pari delicto. This doctrine may be raised for the first time on appeal (see Janke v Janke, 47 AD2d 445, 449-450 [4th Dept 1975] [unclean hands can be considered for first time on appeal], affd 39 NY2d 786 [1976]); FIA Leveraged Fund Ltd. v Grant Thornton LLP, 50 Misc 3d 1213[A], 2016 NY Slip Op 50093[U], [Sup Ct, NY County 2016] [in pari delicto is equivalent to unclean hands], affd 150 AD3d 492 [1st Dept 2017]). 

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