Undertaking CPLR 6312

CPLR 6312(b)

Suttongate Holdings Ltd. v Laconm Mgt. N.V., 2018 NY Slip Op 01654 [1st Dept 2018]

The motion court should, however, have ordered plaintiff to post an additional undertaking, rather than applying the undertaking posted in connection with the prior preliminary injunction order. CPLR 6312(b) requires that "prior to the granting of a preliminary injunction, the plaintiff shall give an undertaking in an amount to be fixed by the court." Moreover, the undertaking must be "rationally related to defendants' potential damages should the preliminary injunction later prove to have been unwarranted" (Peyton v PWV Acquisition LLC, 101 AD3d 446, 447 [1st Dept 2012]). According to defendants' own affidavit, the cost of obtaining mortgages on the 18 properties would be $31,000. Thus, an additional undertaking in the amount of $50,000 is appropriate.

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