5501 and appellate procedure

CPLR § 5501 Scope of review

Retta v 160 Water St. Assoc., L.P., 2012 NY Slip Op 03092 (1st Dept., 2012)

An appeal must be taken "within thirty days after service by a party upon the appellant of a copy of the judgment or order appealed from and written notice of its entry" (CPLR 5513[a]). The time period for filing a notice of appeal is nonwaivable and jurisdictional (see Matter of Haverstraw Park v Runcible Props. Corp., 33 NY2d 637 [1973]; Jones Sledzik Garneau & Nardone, LLP v Schloss, 37 AD3d 417 [2007]).

Pursuant to CPLR 5501(a)(1), "[a]n appeal from a final judgment brings up for review . . . any non-final judgment or order which necessarily affects the final judgment" (see also Siegmund Strauss, Inc. v East 149th Realty Corp., 81 AD3d 260, 267 [2010], lv granted in part, dismissed in part 17 NY3d 936 [2011]). "[W]hen an appeal from an intermediate order is perfected together with an appeal from a final judgment, the appeal from the intermediate order must be dismissed and any error alleged, to the extent that it affects the final judgment, may be reviewed upon the appeal from the final judgment" (Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A. v Roberts & [*2]Roberts, 63 AD2d 566, 567 [1978]).

Gregware v City of New York, 2012 NY Slip Op 02578 (1st Dept., 2012)

Defendant Burtis Construction Co. did not oppose Romero and Romero-Valerezo's and Hasan and Dochenka Taxi's motions, and therefore may not appeal from the order that decided them (see Tortorello v Carlin, 260 AD2d 201, 205 [1999]).

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