2012-04-19_18-59-32_609 (1)I've been on the fence.  I'm torn between getting rid of this, moving it, and keeping the password on it
intermittenly just aggravate everyone because if I'm miserable, I want company.  

As of now, I'm keeping everything where it is and I'll start going through the months of case I've been ignoring soon.  A couple of things in the CPLR changed.  I'll put that in a post too.

But, I have a feeling that I will stop doing this, and sooner rather than later at that.  In July I will have yet another kid, which will probably be what kills this blog, and what's left of my soul.  On the other hand, being up at all hours of the night might be just want I need to get this thing going again.

In the meantime, everyone chill the fuck out.  Look at my dog sitting next to some tulips (I've taken up gardening), have a drink and calm down.


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