The 4401 and 3025

CPLR  R. 4401 Motion for judgment during trial

CPLR R 3025 Amended and supplemental pleadings

Pitre v City of New York, 2012 NY Slip Op 00946 (2nd Dept., 2012)

The plaintiffs did not identify in their complaint or verified bill of particulars the specific sections of the Industrial Code relied upon in opposition to the defendants' motions. Additionally, the plaintiffs did not move to amend their pleadings pursuant to CPLR 3025(b) or (c). Nearly 10 years elapsed from the time the plaintiffs served their verified bill of particulars until they sought at trial to rely upon the contested Industrial Code sections, and the plaintiffs offered no explanation as to why they had not earlier moved to amend their pleadings. Under these circumstances, the Supreme Court properly granted the defendants' motions pursuant to CPLR 4401 for judgment as a matter of law dismissing the plaintiffs' Labor Law § 241(6) cause of action (see Owen v Commercial Sites, 284 AD2d 315; Smith [*2]v Hercules Constr. Corp., 274 AD2d 467, 468).


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