Industry custom and practice

Cassidy v Highrise Hoisting & Scaffolding, Inc., 2011 NY Slip Op 07936 (1st Dept., 2011)

The affidavit of plaintiffs' site safety expert failed to create questions of fact warranting denial of summary judgment. An expert's opinion should be disregarded where no authority, treatise, standard, building code, article or other corroborating evidence is cited to support the assertion concerning an alleged deviation from good and accepted industry custom and practice (Buchholz v Trump 767 Fifth Ave., LLC, 5 NY3d 1, 2 [2005]). "Before a claimed industry standard is accepted by a court as applicable to the facts of a case, the expert must do more than merely assert a personal belief that the claimed industry-wide standard existed at the time the design was put in place" (Hotaling v City of New York, 55 AD3d 396, 398 [2008], affd 12 NY3d 862 [2009]).

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