Admission in deposition transcript

Singh v Actors Equity Holding Corp., 2011 NY Slip Op 07909 (1st Dept., 2011)

Plaintiff's argument that summary judgment should not have been granted because defendants failed to include signed, sworn copies of the deposition transcripts, is raised for the first time on appeal and thus, is precluded from review (Ta-Chotani v Doubleclick, Inc., 276 AD2d 313 [2000]). Were we to consider the argument, we would find that the signed, sworn documents were in defendants' possession and could have been provided to the motion court had defendants been notified of the omission. Moreover, the deposition transcripts are admissible as plaintiff's own admission since the transcripts had been certified as accurate by the court reporter (Morchik v Trinity School, 257 AD2d 534, 536 [1999]).


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