Adopted Judicial Admission

Kraut v City of New York, 2011 NY Slip Op 05460 (App. Div., 2nd 2011

Furthermore, the plaintiff's hearing testimony demonstrated that the sole basis for his arrest was his lack of a valid driver's license, and that no inquiry was made and no problem was discovered with regard to his insurance documentation at the time of his arrest. This testimony, which constituted a judicial party admission (see Ocampo v Pagan, 68 AD3d 1077, 1078-1079; Reno v County of Westchester, 289 AD2d 216, 217), conclusively refuted the allegation in the complaint that the arrest was premised upon a lack of insurance. Although the plaintiff contends that his hearing testimony should not have been considered because there is no evidence that a transcript of the testimony was received and signed by him, the plaintiff adopted the contents of the transcript by appending it to his sworn bill of particulars and serving it upon the defendants during discovery. Moreover, the affidavit submitted by the plaintiff in opposition to the defendant's motion failed to warrant the denial of the motion.

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