Because I’m sick of posting cases

It might seem easy, but it is a time consuming pain in the ass to look through all the cases and get the relevant ones on here.  Without my computer, keyboard, and mouse set-up, I probably wouldn't even bother with this.  The screen is big enough so I can have two sites up at once, the keyboard is ergomic, and the mouse has enough programmable buttons to make everything happen (copy, paste, push everything to the side, fast scroll, etc.).  The mouse is the key in all this.  I've tried others but I always come back to Logitech's MX1100 (you can get it cheaper elsewhere–they may have replaced it with a something different).  If you aren't a tech person, this means nothing to you, but if you are, and you are anything like me, you bring your own keyboard and mouse to the office, so rejoice in the fact that there is someone weirder than you out there.  Add some Skitch and Dropbox and it's a pretty good setup. Wait.  Can't forget about the Undo Closed Tabs and After The Deadline extensions for Chrome.

I haven't been reading much lately because my job has required more of my attention than usual, so I'm still reading the books I was since my last post on books and such.  I picked up the Grammar Girl book and I've been reading it here and there, but that's about it.

What else.  What else.

I've been sucked in to watching Mad Men and Fringe.  I bought some notebooks that I will probably never write in.  There is one notebook that has turned out to be pretty useful though: the action journal. If you haven't seen this video of a kid standing up to his bully, you should.  As it turns out the quality of legal writing really doesn't mean much at allI want this.  But watching this mades me think that it really isn't all that important.  At least someone is rooting for Barry BondsRhetoric.   Best blog on legal writing right herePerilous headnotes Faster, better, and.

And that's it.  You know its time to stop when you don't feel like writing full sentences.

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