R. 2221

CPLR R. 2221

Vazquez v JRG Realty Corp., 2011 NY Slip Op 01349 (App. Div., 1st 2011)

No appeal lies from the denial of a motion to reargue (DiPasquale v Gutfleish, 74 AD3d 471 [2010]). Supreme Court also properly denied the motion to renew, as the expert affidavit proffered on renewal was available to plaintiffs prior to the summary judgment motion being fully submitted (see e.g. Estate of Brown v Pullman Group, 60 AD3d 481 [2009], lv dismissed and denied 13 NY3d 789 [2009]). In any event, plaintiffs' expert affidavit was speculative, conclusory, and not based on foundational facts, i.e., an exact measurement of the purported defect, and thus was insufficient to create an issue of fact (Pappas v Cherry Cr., Inc., 66 AD3d 658 [2009]).


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