This was going to be a post about snow.

Snow and the music I've been listening to.  But I got distracted and the moment passed.

"moral schizophrenia"

Interesting change of topic right?  I wish I could take credit for that phrase.  I was reading a post on "the joy[s] of anarchy," and three quarters of the way through I ran into the phrase.  I ran into it and stopped. Not since murum aries attigithas a phrase stopped me dead in my tracks. For sure the context is important, but the phrase stands on its own.  You don't need the context; it just makes sense.

There is a longer, better, post in here somewhere, but I'm not writing it today. 


1. I mentioned the phrase a while ago in an equally pointless post.  I found it through popehat who–i don't really remember, but I'm pretty sure–linked to the legal satyricon whose owner wrote the letter.  Sure I cite the same sites over and over again, but that's what I read.  I have a short attention span and they keep it.  By now you are problably trying to decide whether it's worth it to google the phrase.  I'll save you the trouble.  


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