My two favorite shows are House and Blue Mountain State.  I've mentioned House here before (I think), but not the other.  But that's really not the point or part of the point.

Back to House.

After watching House I tend to wonder why we care whether our leaders are "good" people.  As a country we would rather have someone who pretends to be good, than someone who can do the job.  Assholes make good leaders.1  Take a look at the people who run most everything.  They are arrogant pricks.  Of course they are smart too.  Being an arrogant prick won't do you much good if you are a halfwit. It would be great if we could all stop pretending that we want nice people.  We want results.  Period.

A variety of people have said that same thing before and probably better at that.  It's just that it's 10:00 on Saturday, and I'm restless.   That and I just finished Factotum1 and started War2.  In War, there is a part where Sebastian Junger talks about how some soldiers are good garrison soldiers and some are good field soldiers, or something like that.  When in the shit, do you want someone who keeps their clothes perfect or someone who can stay composed and help you from getting fucked up.  Sure, it's not the best distinction (Mine, not his.), but you get the point.

With everything everyone ever said or though becoming public record, there are less and less people without skeletons in their closet.  Those that are left, probably never left the closet (not a gay reference).  Sooner or later everyone will have to except that we don't want an angel.  We probably don't want anything close to that.



1. I started reading Bukowski on Crime & Federalism's recommendation.  He is like a drunker, meaner, less caring Hemingway.

2.  Everyone should read this.  It's good from the beginning, which is rare.  That and I think it's important.  Before Bukowski I read Where Men WIn Glory, an equally important read.  I'm also reading Garner's The Winning Brief, but only here and there when I have time and feel like it.

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