On not writing.

Most of my posts are short on substance and style.  I find a case, I cite the rule or section, and I copy and paste the portion that I think is relevant or interesting.  Sometimes I see a case worth writing about.  But more often that not, it would take far too much time to actually write about it.  Take Shady Grove for example.  That case is a big deal.  It deserves more attention than I gave it.  I just don't have the time.  Let's not forget that I have a job.  One that requires me to do work and not blog.  Nobody pays me to keep this up.

I start and stop projects with regular frequency.  Sometimes when I'm sitting at home or on the train I think of something and start writing because I need to get it on paper so I don't forget.  I keep on writing until I hit a roadblock, get tired, or one of my kids makes me put cartoons on the computer.  Spending a few hours on the train every day gives me time to think about stuff.  For whatever reason, my mind usually wanders towards the CPLR.

Right now I have a two page article on CPLR R. 5015, most of which is footnotes.  I think there are 14 of them and most of them take a few lines.  I was toying with the idea of turning into a law review1 article or a law journal article.  It's interesting stuff.  Really.  But I run a 20% chance or so of finishing it.  In a couple of days I will find something else to start writing about and forget about 5015.  A few months from now, I will find the 5015 article and try to remember why I thought it was so damn interesting in the first place.  I won't remember.

In a way, you're lucky I don't write more.  I do that on the no-fault blog.  I already have two posts about people walking in front of me and me being aggravated by them.  For some reason it makes sense over there.  Over here it just seems silly.  I picture most of the readers here to be nerds, and not the sort of nerds who want to read about that stuff or who will find pictures of a bare chested Warren Buffet riding a gecko remotely amusing.  Maybe I have you all pegged as the wrong type of nerds.

I'm sure someone was wondering why.  Now you know.  There, don't you feel better.


1.  A man can dream.

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