I have an unhealthy obsession with books

It's something I just noticed. Not books,
as in novels, stories, etc.  I'm talking about journals, notebooks, and
such.   I have at least 20 moleskins of various size, some of those
marble notebooks that we all used in grammar school, a few generic
moleskins, and other assorted things to write on.  Out of all of them,
I've used maybe 6.  Out of that 6, I got past the first 10 pages on 2 of

Some I use to take notes.
 Others I use to put quotes.  Then there is the one that I use to put
motivational type stuff in.  And I think there are two with the
same unfinished short story–they are identical, but for the plot.

Even though I
don't use but a handful of them, I want more.  This can't be normal.  Levenger
makes a bunch of cool ones.  I even want to try the Circa line.  Others
are Rhodia

I was going to write more about the
different books, but while I was looking around for links I found a Notebook blog.

The way I figure it,
anyone who reads this blog is a nerd of sorts.  At the very least, nerdy
enough to read this and be curious enough to take a look at the
notebook blog.

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