Not Aggrieved (CPLR § 5511)

DKFT Pizza, Inc. v Riviera Plaza, LLC, 2010 NY Slip Op 02086 (App. Div., 2nd, 2010)

Only "[a]n aggrieved party or a person substituted for him may appeal from any appealable . . . order" (CPLR 5511). "A party is aggrieved by an order when it directly affects that party's individual rights" (Berrechid v Shahin, 60 AD3d 884, 884; see Carollo v Northern Westchester Hosp. Ctr., 5 AD3d 715). Since the Supreme Court's order, which preliminarily enjoined the defendants DCB Food Services Corp., d/b/a Sandella's Cafe, and Danielle DiBenedetto from selling certain food and beverage items at their cafÉ, did not affect the rights of the defendants Riviera Plaza, LLC, and Riviera Plaza Associates, the latter two are not aggrieved by the order, and the appeal must be dismissed (see generally Matter of Commercial Bank of Informatics & Computing Technique Dev. Bank Informtechnika v Ostashko, 274 AD2d 516; Law v Benedict, 197 AD2d 808; see also Won's Cards v Samsondale/Haverstraw Equities, 165 AD2d 157, 162).

The bold is mine.

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