CPLR § 5511

CPLR § 5511 Permissible appellant and respondent

Berrechid v Shahin, 2009 NY Slip Op 02312 (App. Div., 2nd, 2009)

Only "[a]n aggrieved party or a person substituted for him may appeal
from any appealable . . . order" (CPLR 5511). A party is aggrieved by
an order when it directly affects that party's individual rights (see Scopelliti v Town of New Castle, 92 NY2d 944; D'Ambrosio v City of New York, 55
NY2d 454, 458-459). Since the Supreme Court's order affected only the
rights of the professional corporation M. Grunzweig & M.
Werzberger, M.D., P.C., and of Robert Tracer, and not the individual
rights of Charles Bigajer or Murray Werzberger, the latter two are not
aggrieved by the order, and the appeals must be dismissed (see Carollo v Northern Westchester Hosp. Ctr., 5 AD3d 715; Siegel v Long Is. Jewish Med. Ctr., 309 AD2d 916).

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