CPLR R. 2104

CPLR R. 2104 Stipulations

Canarelli v Canarelli, 2009 NY Slip Op 00322 (App. Div., 2nd)

While a stipulation of settlement may be set aside where there is evidence of fraud, overreaching, mistake, or duress (see Matter of Dillon v Dillon, 257 AD2d 621), the defendant failed [*2]to tender evidence in admissible form sufficient to warrant a hearing on her motion to vacate the parties' stipulation (see O'Shell v O'Shell, 54 AD3d 914, 915; Shockome v Shockome, 53 AD3d 610; Chernow v Chernow, 51 AD3d 705,
706). The defendant's contention that the appointment of a receiver to
sell certain real property should be set aside because of a purported
failure to comply with the Court Rules (see 22 NYCRR, Part 36) was not raised before the Supreme Court and, therefore, is not properly before this Court (see Sandoval v Juodzevich, 293 AD2d 595, 595-596; Mourounas v Shahin, 291 AD2d 537; Weber v Jacobs, 289 AD2d 226).

The bold is mine.

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