CPLR § 304; §403

CPLR § 304. Method of commencing action or special proceeding

CPLR § 403. Notice of petition; service; order to show cause

(d) Order to show cause.
The court may grant an order to show cause to be served, in lieu of a
notice of petition at a time and in a manner specified therein.

Matter of Ruine v Hines, 2008 NY Slip Op 09928 (App. Div., 1st)

The mode of service provided for in an order to show cause is jurisdictional and must be

literally followed
(see CPLR 304, 403[d]; European Am. Bank v Legum, 248 AD2d 206 [1998]). Petitioner's pro se status is not an excuse for noncompliance (see Goldmark v Keystone & Grading Corp, 226 AD2d 143 [1996]).

The bold is mine.

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